Beyond Industries has raised $500.000 in seed funding to scale its B2B gaming influencer marketing service

Beyond raised $500.000 in seed

The system of algorithms and ML Beyond Industries help game publishers, game developers and indie studios to independently build influencer marketing and retention service and to increase LTV by 40% without any advertising agencies or additional employees.

USA, July 20, 2022 – Beyond Industries, the company helping gaming publishers to build efficient sales channels via gaming influencers, announced the completion of its seed round of funding and raised $500.000.

Core products of the company are predictive analytics before influencers integrations and digitizing it by up to 50 metrics.

Round participants:

Sergey Dashkov’s Fund Joint Journey VC Dmitry Morozov, game publisher GreenGrey Founder Artem Smirnov, NVO Capital US Managing partner
Dozens of various angels and different segments experts of the gaming industry actively support the project.

For example Maxim Mikheenko, Co-Founder 1518 Studious Us.

Founded in April 2020, during the first week of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the company is developing predictive analytics tools for influencer integration, audience retention, revenue increase per user and efficient ways to work with conversion in marketing channels for game developers and publishers.

The company applies its own development with the slogan “Fast and Easy use”, which means there is no need for publishers to change product code, modify or create any functional parts of the game. Integration of the solution from Beyond Industries is done through the API.

Millions of metric parameters are processed monthly by Beyond Industries to provide full-fledged metrics, so publishers could use it to influence its marketing and RIO of advertising investments.

The latest integration results proved Beyond products increase average LTV by 40% and RIO by up to 230%.

GreenGrey is pleased to announce that Beyond Industries has become one of the strategically important partners of our business. We are ready to help Beyond Industries develop the service they have created
Dmitry Morozov, CEO of GreenGrey

Beyond Industries company has been created by 4 technical founders:

Dmitry Mac - CEO of Beyond; former head of one of the largest esports academies Moscow Five, bank products development specialist

Dmitry Smelyanec - product CEVO; lead analyst in american cybersecurity company Recorded Future, author of articles on hackers for Washington Post and other major U.S. government security agencies. Moscow Five founder, esports team which has become multiple world champion.

Dan Ryndin - project CTO; created one of the world’s largest Grand Theft Auto 4 community focusing on game development. There were more than 1m unique users per month.

Udjin Vas - COO of Beyond; created and developed, with the support of Epic Games, the largest esports competitive platform for Fortnite players - FSL. Later Beyond bought the platform and Udjin joined the team.

We are glad that our product was strengthened by new experienced venture investors and we got access to the networking with an opportunity to build a global marketing service specialized directly on gaming publishers and gaming studios.

Investors got a cool portfolio business and potential IPO startup.
Dmitry Mac, CEO of Beyond Industries

By the completion of the round Beyond Industries sold solutions and created the process of new gaming publishers integration until May 2023.

Now the company is focused on minimizing time for integration.

Company’s key goal is 10.000 integrated games in 2023.

Under this funding round the bulk of funds will be spent on sales and product scaling in 3 target markets.

Beyond has a strong and ambitious team, I’ll support them at every stage of their growth and transformation into a large global company. The guys will pleasantly surprise us many times
Artem Smirnov, NVO Capital US

About Beyond Industries.

Beyond Industries is a service for building efficient sales channels via gaming influencers.

We provide a number of smart solutions created on the basis of algorithms and machine learning. Our solutions provide an option for publishers to save hundreds of thousands dollars on influencer marketing and testing. Beyond Industries helps to make millions of dollars on efficient marketing channels created.