Beyond Industries will help GameDev!

Beyond Industries will help GameDev!

Today, GameDev is the largest segment of the entertainment industry.

The previously unchallenged reign of film production respectfully passed the crown to the game industry two years ago, when the net profit of the latter reached the fabulous point of $175 billion, which is more than that of movies and music combined. Naturally, the huge amount of game content makes life much harder for game publishers, because now it has become even more difficult to compete for players' attention and the return on investment of a new product.

However, a competitive market is the best thing that could have happened to the industry, because in a healthy, competitive environment, new service solutions for video game promotion are born.

So what are these solutions and how can they help? Let's take our own example and tell you!

It all started when we got together as a Beyond.GG team and spent 5-6 hours per day at brainstorming, together we came to a decision to create a new and cool product for game publishers and marketing agencies. And what we have done works now, not in a mythical 2/3/4 years. So what can you use today? The product's core features: - A compiled and fully automated database of influencers: 15 metrics for each influencer before investing in a marketing campaign and overall metrics for the marketing campaign (All of this comes in your personal account, forget the prehistoric spreadsheets in excel)

- The ability to send out your offer to over 10,000 influencers at the same time, and start collaborating with them on the same day!

- Conducting in-game performance activity for tens of thousands of players and influencers without tweaking and changing the game code in 1 click!

Beyond.GG inc. protects brands from unscrupulous Influencers using the services for scrambling views and conversions, and as a result of your trust.

From now on, you will choose the most effective influencers and build profitable sales channels with positive ROI.

Beyond.GG inc. offers to build effective sales channels through influencer marketing and risk without spending tens of thousands of dollars on testing.

As you have understood, the work of Beyond Industries has been often in collaboration with game publishers who are trying to attract a new audience to their game, while retaining the main core consisting of the "old timers".

Unfortunately, any content sooner or later gets boring, so the withdrawal of the audience will be inevitable.

In order to avoid this, there is influencer marketing, which allows not only to attract new faces but also not to lose the old ones.

Virtually any performance integration with influencer is a great way to not only increase your brand awareness, but also improve a whole list of business metrics.

Beyond Industries provides a pool of products, each working on a specific business metric, whether it's LTV, Retention, new players, ROI or simply digitizing the integration.

Plus, company representatives and outside experts have created an author blog where game publishers can find answers to all their questions!

At times, even the biggest developer companies need advice and expert consultation, but where to go for that advice? Who to turn to?

Where can you find a resource that will systematize all the relevant material?

That's what the Beyond Industries author blog is for, the main goal of which is not just to tell you about the ways you can promote your new game, but to really help new (and old) games become financially profitable, while attracting a new audience.

You can find the following on our author's blog:

- Game promotion guides through Influencers;

- Monetization methods that can be applied here and now without unnecessary costs and rewriting the system code of the game;

- In-game challenges and daily activities that increase your product's LTV.

Beyond Industries is ready to help you now, not a year, a month, a week, even a day later.

We give an event and integration in a demo format for the game publishers who use our service for the first time, and we have special affiliate programs for free use of our service products for Indie publishers.

Time is the most valuable resource, so let's not waste it unnecessarily.