How does high coverage kill brands?

How does high coverage kill brands?

Every brand sooner or later has to resort to the help of Influencer Marketing to promote, as well as to increase the recognition of their product. However, despite the rapid development of influencing, this area is still unexplored and unpredictable for many. In 2019, the international agency "Mediakix" conducted a social survey among marketers, after which it was found that more than 61% of respondents still do not understand how to intelligently choose an influencer for a full-fledged marketing campaign.

Since that time three years have passed. Influence-sphere stepped two steps forward (according to forecasts the world influencer-marketing industry will grow up to 16,4 billion $ in 2022), but there is still no complete understanding how to work with influencers.

Due to a lack of preliminary analytics on each of the influencers, many brands rely on word of mouth and/or the visibility of the huge reach without ever figuring out the validity of those numbers. Often, this leads to huge financial losses, amounting to tens (or even hundreds) of millions of dollars annually.

We talked about this earlier, talking about unscrupulous influencers, who do not hesitate to resort to services for additives. So now, we focus on something else, we'll tell you why a huge coverage is not a guarantee of a successful marketing campaign!

Imagine the situation: you are an influencer, you do your job diligently, you care about your reputation, but at one moment an advertising agency comes to you, offering you a fruitful collaboration, promising you a good life for the next few years. Would you refuse such a proposal? No? Here, many influencers can’t refuse, because the proposal is too tempting (the average cost of one integration with Influencer "millionaire" ranges from 750 thousand rubles to several million, and influencer with an audience of one hundred thousand and above - from 75 to 500 thousand rubles).

Advertising agency immediately begins its "Upgrade" for influencer, trying to raise the already considerable coverage, because it is the dry numbers will be their main trump card when making a deal with the brand. “Coverage = touch with the product, and touch = sale,” my boss used to tell me in my old advertising agency days, but that's not true! No coverage is a guarantee of a successful campaign, and certainly is not a “potential KPI”, no matter how convincingly and beautifully you're told the opposite by influencers and advertising agencies standing behind them.

Even a million subscribers (let's say, all real and not even clicked) do not give any guarantees that your product will be of interest to this audience.

You'll have exorbitant reach, you'll have page conversions, but what's the point if it's not your target audience? Most of the solutions on the market give information about reach, number of subscribers, and type of content, but don't fall for that. It's from these “suggestive” metrics that a huge portion of marketing campaigns is created that end up unfolding low ROI.

Agencies and Influencers are profitable to operate with numbers, but you need the result, not the beautiful number of views!

In order to prevent your product from encountering this problem, there are many analytics services that provide you with complete information about this or that influencer.

One such service is Beyond Industries, which will help you track all the metrics for each influencer. Sometimes, advertising integration with an influencer with ten thousand subscribers can be much more productive than with an influencer whose audience has long been several hundred thousand people, because perhaps these ten thousand people are your potential target audience. The service from Beyond Industries will help you figure it out, with our service products, the average ROI for a marketing campaign is 230%.

The products work with Tik-Tok; Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch.TV. Remember, it's not the number of subscribers and reach you need to focus on when developing a marketing campaign, it's the preliminary analytics.

Why would you need an influencer with millions of subscribers if even a tenth of its audience is not your target audience!