Influencer Contracts (Free Contract Templates)

Influencer Contracts (Free Contract Templates)

Having a contract protects both marketers and influencers.
This ensures that none of the parties wants to do something stupid.

Where to begin?
You are a marketer, not a lawyer.
In addition, each signing of a contract is a complication of the integration process with an influencer.

Working with thousands of influencers as well as hundreds of brands working with influencers.
Beyond will tell you what we know about contracts with influencers.

At the end of the article:
- We have posted 6 contract templates.
- Recommended tools for electronic contract signing.

Is a contract with an influencer required?

A contract is desirable but not always necessary.
The contract adds time to communicate and agree on details, this is obvious.

Even if you decide not to enter into a contract, you must have a clear written agreement. Even if it is not a well-formed contract, with a description of the work, signatures - there should still be an accurate formed email describing the details of the work.

If you are paying for a single post or a series of posts, or if you have barter advertising for example, then you can get by with a regular email.
This way you will move faster.
But for longer-term and complex integrations, where there are pay-per-delivery details, where there is a series of ad integrations and placements, you should use a contract.

What can happen when you don't have a contract?
The absence of a contract greatly increases the risk and you can become a victim of a human factor, such as:

- Influencers Just Don't Post or Follow Integration Rules
- Dispute with the amount of placement and payment terms
- Product review was incomplete and took 40 seconds instead of 2 minutes
- An influencer can simultaneously promote your competitors

The absence of a contract opens up the possibility for disagreements and misunderstandings in further work between you.

Free Contract Templates

General influencer contract template
General template for building a contract, start with this. Covers all the main sections mentioned above and highlights the ones you can make to fit your needs.

Gifting: contract template
If you're giving away a free product or you're bartering advertising as compensation for an influencer's services, asking to sign a formal contract may seem like a waste of time, but sometimes it's necessary if the product is valuable.

Pay per post: contract template
If you are entering into a one-time deal to pay for a post, the contract may seem like overkill, but if possible, take the time to do so and close it.

Performance-based pay: contract template
If you pay based on completed sales metrics or conversions to free users, purchased subscriptions, banner clicks, app downloads, we recommend using this template.

Content licensing: contract template
If you pay the author for the right to reuse the content he made on your channels/website/social networks.

Paid events & travel: contract template
If you are partnering with a creator to organize an event or if you would like to reimburse their travel and meal expenses.

E-signing influencer contracts
Pricing: Free forever version available. Paid plans from $29/month.

Pricing: Free forever version available. Paid plans from $29/month.

From $10/month. Free trial available.