The gaming industry is an extremely competitive industry

The gaming industry is an extremely competitive industry

At times, many great games clearly receive less attention from players than they really deserve.

Often the financial success of a game is not so much about the game itself, but rather about a well-organized promo campaign. And when I talk about promotion campaign I mean not only trailers, announcements, cooperation with Influencers. By competent promo I mean a much longer process.

After all, some of the players may find out about your game much later than its release, in the case of indie games, it's inevitable. And what, in addition to reviews, will players be looking at when thinking about whether or not to buy your game?

That's right, the"About this game section on the Steam store page at !

The "About This Game" section on Steam is not only a succinct and colorful synopsis, it's literally a showcase for your game!

That's why this section is extremely important, although many game publishers condescendingly wave their hands at its mention. You don't have to do that, because the About This Game section can be much more important than any selling trailers! Not everyone will be able to see the trailer, but everyone who finds your game's page on Steam, will inevitably rush to read this section. And it will largely depend on this, whether they will buy your game or not!

So how to improve the "About this game" section on the Steam store page?

Firstly, try to remember if there was a time when you waded the vast expanses of Steam, and came across a seemingly interesting game, which you may well like. Hoping to be sure before buying, you flipped through the page to the "About this game" section, but found it to be a complete mess?

Moreover, this section did not help you at all, but rather confused you, questioning your decision to buy this game!

And now imagine that this very game was your project. Unpleasant, isn't it?

But as practice shows - it's quite common for all aspiring game publishers.

Perhaps due to lack of experience you simply don't know where to start and don't know how much content you need to include in this very section. But don't worry, now we'll give you some useful tips on how to properly present this section.

What is this section used for anyway?

This Section is used to further describe your game, so be sure to tailor everything to your audience

If a person reads this section, it means they are 80% likely to be ready to buy your game! The colorful screenshots or succinct synopsis has already caught his attention enough to scroll the mouse wheel by getting to this section!

And that's incredibly cool, because you've managed to pique his interest.

At this point, customers want you to explain to them why they should take the last step and buy your game, not talk them out of it. All you have to do now is facilitate their choice by showing them the right amount of information.


You have about 600 words to get a potential player interested! After the 600-word milestone, the rest of the text will only be visible after you click on the "Read More" button, so make sure you tell your main pros and main features of the game as early as possible!

Do not forget that a universal template for all games simply does not exist. Each game is unique, and that means the potential audience for several games will be very different from each other!

For example, your game's target audience may consist of young people between 15 and 20 years old, which means your content may resonate better with a few GIFs/bright screenshots and fewer buzzwords.

In the end, it's good to research and experiment with what resonates best with your audience, and it can take time to figure it out.

Actively use images and GIFs

You've probably noticed yourself that publishers often resort to posting GIFs in the "About This Game" section.

And let's be honest - it's a damn good idea, because your GIFs can be super effective and impactful, acting as essentially a second (or even third) selling trailer!

But placing GIFs also has its own peculiarities, so let's talk about that briefly!

First, don't use the same image you've already uploaded to your game's Steam page, or the footage from your trailer for your GIF. No one wants to see the same thing twice. Give the customer new, colorful content!

GIFs can not only bring the "About This Game" section to life, but also allow potential players to discern new game mechanics. They help the customer visualize what your game is about, and can add a little creative flair. Using GIFs is almost a full-fledged visual narrative that can tell a lot more about your game than any synopsis!

But please, do not forget about GIF-optimization!

Do not overload your page with a dozen of GIFs and images, remember that not all people can have fast Internet, and from time to time interruptions in the network no one is immune!

You may have just a few GIFs, but they will show why a player should buy your game!

Dozens of GIFs will take an awfully long time to load when the internet is bad, and that will unwittingly discourage potential players from buying.

Don't forget this!

I hope these simple tips help you when putting together an "About This Game" section for your project!

Adhering to these simple rules and being creative will absolutely increase the chances of buying your game.

As my high school computer science teacher used to say, "all ingenious things are simple," it's hard not to agree with him on this one!