How Fortnite Epic Games increased retention and attracted 300,000 active players thanks to Beyond's in-game events.

How Fortnite Epic Games increased retention and attracted 300,000 active players thanks to Beyond's in-game events.
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About Fortnite

Fortnite is a multiplayer battle royale developed and published by Epic Games

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The midcore and semi-pro audience is the main competitive part of the game.

Official game events take place with an interval of 1 to 3 months, and during this time, while waiting, the audience goes through all the game content and the length of the player's session decreased by a multiple.

New content is released every half a year, sometimes once a year.

Content creation requires resources and time, but players constantly want new content and lose focus on the game.

It was necessary to create regular in-game activity for the semi-pro and mid-core audience. The activity must be competitive and the solution must be cross-platform.

Solution requirements:

Free participation. Media coverage to attract new players. Cross-platform. Regular and competitive event format. no-code.
Existing solutions on the market from other companies involved individual streamers and bloggers, and also required long and complex technical implementation on third-party services, or created additional work for the game publisher.

Such solutions did not fit the regular format and permanent media coverage.


Using its influencer analytics product, Beyond analyzed the region's market, identified the most influential Fortnite streamers and social media accounts. networks.Beyond created regular events that fit the bill, with community and streamer audiences activated.

In-game events looked like regular challenges and tournaments.The challenges were created on behalf of the influencer, the influencer hosted personalized activities for his audience on a weekly and daily basis inside the Fortnite game.Tournaments were held every 2 weeks in between the launches of new challenges.A series of events held throughout the year attracted a lot of audience due to its regularity and variety, thereby solving the problem of regular content and increasing retention.

Beyond has deployed two boxed solutions: challenges and tournaments.Challenges were deployed as separate web2apps with leader boards displayed.Tournaments unfolded as a platform with registration of participation and a leaderboard.The event has been integrated without changing the game code or the actions of the game developers.Thanks to no-code events, 300,000 players were involved, and player retention during all events was 89%.The entire preparation and launch took 10 days.

Additional benefits

No-code in-game contests and influencer giveaways were integrated into the events, in which all players who participated in all created in-game events participated.

Which led to organic and viral advertising of all ongoing events.


The event is adapted and stylized for the brand and the game.

Customization includes:

The event has a domain name similar to the name of the game. The event is designed for gaming content. Fast processing of results on the service side. Support for holding an in-game event. Audience and influencer analytics and research. 50 metrics about each user and influencer.


For 1 year of events, 300,000 participants of the seven-pro and mid-core audience were generated.

Over 40 thousand players signed up for social networks in 1 year.

For 1 year, more than 170 challenges and 30 tournament events were held.