How Nike held an Esports event for 10 thousand participants in 1 day thanks to the Beyond in-game event

How Nike held an Esports event for 10 thousand participants in 1 day thanks to the Beyond in-game event
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About Nike

Nike — American multinational company specializing in sportswear and footwear



How can a major Nike brand capture the attention of a younger audience and communicate its product and company values?

We needed a solution that deploys quickly and aligns with Nike's values. It is also completely sustainable and in line with the brand's marketing vision.

How to unite thousands of participants in one event and not wait months for approvals and test launches.We needed a quick solution based on the game Fortnite.

Solution requirements:

Mass audience coverage. Streamer participation. Mass participation. Environmentally friendly solution.
The studied marketing solutions offered by other companies were found to be ineffective, as most solution providers offered an integrated approach and a set of tools that created a lot of work and did not provide proven results.

In addition, solutions with a multi-channel approach and mass integration of bloggers required intensive preparation and creation of additional attribution systems, additional hiring of employees and an increase in the marketing budget.


Using its influencer analytics product, Beyond analyzed the region's market, identified the most influential bloggers and influencers and created an in-game event for them with a set of convenient participation conditions. The system of analysis and selection of influential persons showed 98% efficiency.

The in-game event looked like a competition between bloggers and gamers, rather than the typical ad integration with banners and "Come and play" calls to action. The game was chosen according to the brand's request - Fortnite. The purpose of the event is to show and convey the values of the Nike brand and the spirit of sports.

Beyond deployed the boxed solution as a competitive event with web2app elements in 1 day.

The event has been integrated without changing the game code or the actions of the game developers.

With the no-code event, 10,000 players participated in the event.It took 3 days for the whole preparation and launch.


The event is adapted and stylized for the brand and the game.

Customization includes:

The event has a domain name similar to the name of the game. The event is designed for gaming content. Fast processing of results on the service side. Support for holding an in-game event. Audience and influencer analytics and research. 50 metrics about each user. Support in creating an idea for an in-game event.


10,000 players were able to get acquainted with the values of Nike in 1 in-game event.