How Valorant Beta and Logitech G Received 1 Million Unique Viewers in 1 Day with the Beyond In-Game Event

How Valorant Beta and Logitech G Received 1 Million Unique Viewers in 1 Day with the Beyond In-Game Event
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About Valorant

Valorant is a multiplayer video game developed and published by Riot Games.

Valorant is Riot Games' first-person shooter game.

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At the time of release, the game League of Legends was gaining the most views on and YouTube.

The company decided to release a new online competitive shooter - Valorant.

At the time of the release of the beta version, there were competitive games Call of Duty, CS GO, and other online shooters on the market.

But it was necessary to create the maximum amount of audience coverage before the release of the full version, to show the audience that this is an esports game and has a competitive spirit, and that favorite bloggers and influencers of the audience play this game.

The market at the time of release was highly competitive, with many shooters investing in marketing, and the traditional purchase of ad integrations would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and be of questionable success.

An in-game performance was required.

Solution requirements:

Mass audience coverage. Streamer participation. Participation of professionals from other gaming competitive games. No additional hires to the marketing team.
The study of marketing solutions offered by other companies was not effective, as most solution providers offered an omnichannel end-to-end approach and a set of tools that created a lot of work and did not provide proven results. In addition, solutions with an omnichannel approach and mass integrations of bloggers required intensive preparation and creation of systems for additional attribution, additional hiring of employees and an increase in the marketing budget.

The Solution

Using its influencer analytics product, Beyond analyzed the region's market, identified the most influential bloggers and influencers, and created an in-game event for them with a set of convenient participation conditions. The system of analysis and selection of influential persons showed 98% efficiency.

The in-game event looked like a battle of bloggers, rather than a typical advertising integration with banners and calls to action "Come and play".The purpose of the integration is to show and convey the in-game spirit of competition and show gameplay from the most influential people in the game stream.The team of bloggers must have: 1 streamer, 1 blogger, 1 professional player.The event took place over 2 days.Beyond deployed a boxed solution as a competitive event with web2app elements in 1 day.The event was integrated without changing the game code or action by the game developers.Thanks to the codeless event, over 1 million unique viewers and over 2,000 mentions of the event gathered on the first day.It took 3 days for all the preparation and launch.

Additional benefits

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are integrated into the event, which allows you to make a deep analytical cut and set up additional retargeting to further attract the audience.

Individual customization

The event is adapted and stylized for the brand and the game.

Customization includes:

Pages have a domain name similar to the game. Pages are designed as game content. Fast processing of results on the service side. Support for in-game events. Audience & Influencer Analytics & Research. 50 metrics about each user. Support in creating an idea for an in-game event.


In just 1 day of the in-game event, the game received more unique viewers than in 10 days of other advertising integrations.