Platform rules

Terms and conditions of conduct on the platform

1. The right to register

Our platform is exclusively intended for users of the age complies with the requirements of the rules of the games that are on our platform. Any registration, use or access to the platform by anyone under the age required is unauthorized and in violation of these terms of use. By registering an account, you agree to the current rules and conditions of conduct on the Beyond.GG INC. platform and agree to keep abreast of any changes. Your continued use of the platform following such changes constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

We make no representations that our platform is being operated or governed by the laws or regulations of other countries. By using the services and participating in the activities of the platform, you confirm that you meet the requirements for participation, as indicated in the rules of the platform and the rules of the game, taking into account the region of your residence. If you do not meet the requirements, please stop using the platform immediately.

The administration of the platform reserves the right to suspend activity or block the account of any participant who violates the rules of the platform or performs other actions that are not described in the rules, which will be regarded by the administration of the platform as unacceptable.

2. Eligibility

By using the platform functionality, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority and ability to enter into this agreement in order to comply with all terms and conditions, and if an individual has received the consent of his guardian to register and participate in any competitions on our platform.

3. Rules of communication with platform participants and administration

Be polite and friendly, and you will be treated appropriately. Disrespectful behavior towards others, provocations, incitement to conflicts, racism, gender-based negative statements are not encouraged. offensive jokes.

Observe the topic of the communication channels. It is forbidden to distribute shocking content, pornography and scenes of violence in any form.


- It is forbidden to trade accounts and in-game attributes in any form, including provocations to sell.

- Begging and offers on a paid basis are prohibited.

- Prohibited spam and frequent use of abusive words.

- Advertising is prohibited without the approval of the organizers.

All situations not described by the rules are considered by the administration from the point of view of common sense.

In case of violation of the rules or other actions that will be regarded by the administration as illegal, disciplinary sanctions may be imposed on you, as well as temporary or permanent blocking of your account. The type and duration of punishment depends on the severity and regularity of your violations. In the event of a relapse, the punishment for the same violations may be tougher, up to and including blocking the account.

4. Confirmation of compliance with the requirements

The Beyond.GG INC. administration may require any entrant to provide proof of eligibility at any time. Each entrant will be required to provide proper identification and proof of eligibility prior to receiving a prize or processing any request for a prize from the Beyond.GG INC. Administration.

5. Required information

When registering and while processing account updates, you must provide the following information:

— Username

— Password

— E-mail address

— Date of Birth

— Full name

— Permanent residence address

— Phone number

— Non-confidential information about your game accounts linked to your account.

— Details of payment services

The information you provide must be a true representation of your credentials. If the Administration discovers that you are registering with deliberately incorrect information, then it reserves the right to block your account.

6. Local laws

You must comply with the laws of the country / region / state in which you reside and from which you access the platform services, and are solely responsible for complying with these laws. You agree that Beyond.GG INC. is not responsible if laws applicable to you restrict or prohibit your use of the platform's functionality.

7. Rewards

1. If the winner does not contact the administration within 10 days, then the prize in tickets and beyond points in equal proportions will be converted to him. 2. Prizes are issued within 60 days.

8. Beyond points

1) Beyond Point is not a digital currency or any other currency. Beyond Point are loyalty points that a user receives for playing on the platform when performing certain in-game mechanics.

2) Beyond Point - is not convertible to any type of fiat money, and also does not have any value or value.

3) Beyond Point - needed to access the site's functions and exchange for non-monetary on-board digital goods.