No hidden fees or additional charges.
Simple, clear and predictable prices.
Our platform is completely free until you collect more than 10,000 MAU.
No credit card required
Active Users / Month
Additional Price / 1,000 Active users
+ $6.95 per 1,000
+ $4.9 per 1,000
+ $4.35 per 1,000
+ $4 per 1,000
+ $3.9 per 1,000
+ $3 per 1,000
+ $2 per 1,000
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How many active users do you have?
/ For 500 active users plan
+ $0.00
/ For 0 extra users @ 6.95 per 1,000 users
/ Estimated monthly cost
Uninterrupted work
Uninterrupted work
Cloud technologies and duplication ensure the operation of the product 24/7
Data privacy
Data privacy
Client data is processed in an
anonymous format/7
Fast user support
Fast user support
Support responds as soon as possible.
Technical support works around the clock/7

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?
The product is completely free until you get over 10,000 active players every month. Our pricing system, which depends on the success of your game and the activity of your players. No additional tables and price calculators required. And no hidden costs or commissions.
What if the number of players in the game drops below 10,000?
If the number of active players in the game falls below 10,000 per month, we will not charge customers. We want you to grow and do it quickly and without additional costs.
So you don't have to worry about the bill.
How can I request a customization feature or report a problem?
We take our work and customization seriously. Therefore, you can always discuss this with us via email or chat with the team on Discord.
What platforms do you support?
We work with all engines and platforms, including console, mobile and Nintendo platforms.
The player tried the game and didn't come back, how much will we pay?
Unless you have hundreds of thousands of such players at the same time, for example, those who came from influencer marketing.
This can really increase the bill and expenses.
But these players don't spend much time in your game, we think it's fair and right not to charge you because of such players.